When I reflect on all the moments, the good, the bad, they can seem so big when they’re good, and they can also seem so big when they’re bad. I think that sometimes as people, we tend to go through day to day activities without realizing the magnitude of us just being on earth and what that means and living our lives, finding our purpose, and understanding who we are. Because life is constantly changing, constantly evolving, so we tend to not sit back and not really take it all in.


I love myself unconditionally. And then I have have this amazing, amazing group of people in this amazing circle that loves me without conditions that have my back that want to be the first ones to wear this stuff. And, you know, that gives me that energy and that support and that love that I need to keep pushing forward.

You know, that love and support doesn’t mean that it has to be somebody you’ve known your whole life, it doesn’t have to be immediate blood family, some of the people that I’m closest to, in this world have no blood relation to me at all. But I consider them family and I treat them like family is and it is unconditional love for me.

I was asked on my KM Official Instagram, what does it mean, to take care of those who take care of you? The biggest thing is, the number one thing, it’s about loving ourselves unconditionally. That’s first and foremost. Because when you’re able to do that, then you’re able to find the right people who love you without conditions.

So when I was asked what it means to take care of those who take care of you, it literally means everything I want this brand to mean, which is choosing to love yourself unconditionally in the world that we live in, because it is so hard because we’re constantly evolving, constantly changing, something else is popping up and tricking our minds to focus on something else, when really, if we would just stop, take a deep breath and realize that we’re exactly where we need to be. We need to focus in on the people that really do love us without conditions and focus on the space in the places that we need to be to be able to love ourselves unconditionally.



That’s what this brand, KM Official represents. That’s what I want to represent. That’s who I want to be. And so when I look at this brand, I get so happy I get so much joy inside because I understand that it’s bigger than me, you know, and I it exemplifies and it shows all the growth and there’s still so much growth that needs to happen.

With this brand, I’m able to kind of confine all the things that maybe I can’t always show and put them on a higher platform. And for that I’m really thankful and I’m really really excited to share this brand with the world.